Kiki Smith

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Kiki Smith was born Nuremberg, Germany, in 1954, and grew up in New Jersey. She lives and works in New York. Inspired by early studies in film and glass, and by work as a puppeteer, an industrial baker and an emergency medical technician, Smith began showing her art with the influential artist's collective, "Collaborative Projects" in the early 1980's. 
First recognized for her innovative work concerning the human body, Smith is a prolific printmaker, and has experienced working at several different printshops throughout her career. She began work with Harlan & Weaver in 1997 with the five-plate, twenty-foot "Destruction of Birds", published by Thirteen Moons. Since then, Smith has worked on many projects with Harlan & Weaver, including the first of a group of animal prints, "Immortal", 1998, and the fifteen-print set "Blue Plates", 1999.